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New FMH Post

Just saw that Feminist Mormon Housewives has posted a blog entry about the subject of transgendered individuals in the Church with the crux of it being that we hear often in the Church that our mortal bodies are imperfect so that, armed with that information, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to grasp that with all the things that can go wrong sometimes somebody will have a mortal body that doesn’t properly convey the true gender of their eternal spirit. As with this website they appear to believe in the Proclamation on the Family as it is actually written, and not necessarily in interpretations that are forced onto it. I could include a quote from the article but the whole thing can be read in about a minute and a half so hop on over to check it out.

UPDATE: A commenter on the above-mentioned blog entry pointed out another such entry at No More Strangers. Here’s one cogent quote from that post:

There is no reason for the LDS church to feel threatened by children like Kristy. After all, what could possibly affirm the premise [more] that the gender of a human being is eternal and unchangeable than a person who is born in an unfamiliar body and yet knows his or her gender regardless? While Kristy’s embracing of the gender binary is not common to all gender minority people, it plants her firmly on a path consistent with LDS doctrine. Kristy is a woman spirit who was born in a male body. She is taking the appropriate medical measures to correct this problem. While her gender is eternal, the discrepancy with her sex is simply a result of being born to a fallen world where problems have been known to arise. It really can be that simple.

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