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Another example of an active, transsexual Mormon

Over at there is a new podcast about Sara who is transgender and Mormon. The podcast is just about 4 minutes and she reports being positively received by the ward(s) and stake(s) she’s been attending, even when they know her trans status. The likelihood is that we will start seeing more acceptance like this.

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2 thoughts on “Another example of an active, transsexual Mormon

  1. I am an active trans member, still married and in the same ward as pre-transition. Nothing bad happens, but the stake pres says no RS and no bathrooms. I’m hoping I can get them to change that later.

  2. As a former member of the church of Jesus Christ, and also as a former Trans person, I would like to inform you that in my case everything bad happened. The Bishop cast me out, gave me a house ban, and told the brothers and sisters, that no one should talk with me.
    And the members of the Lübeck Ward (at that time the ward belonged to the Neumünster Stake) don’t wanna talk with me, nor answers my letters. And this, because I told my Bishop, that I’m trans, and want to MAKE a sex change surgery. That was reason enough, to cast me out. He told me, and four different Bishops said it also to me, that I can come back, if I REPENT, and reverse the surgery as it is possible. My two suicide attempts, my depression before I make this step, was baseless to them.
    I’m glad for every trans woman or man, who have support and understanding inside family, friends and church, but in my case, it wasn’t.

    Linda, Berlin, Germany

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