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TransMormon Video

Found at Upworthy is this video of Eri Hayward, a male-to-female Mormon transgender girl in Utah:

I believe this video is a couple months old so I asked Eri’s father, Ed, if he had any updates and just received the following from him via e-mail:

The documentary reached 1 million views today. Also, Eri, Keiko (my wife) and I went to a screening by Sunstone and sat on a Q&A panel afterwards. Last week we were interviewed by Natasha Parker of Mormon Mental Health association and the podcast was released today. The response we’ve gotten from the documentary has far exceeded any expectation we had.

This has been really good for Eri. I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing this since she talked about it today during the panel discussion. The amazing thing is that, from what I can tell, our Stake President doesn’t seem concerned that she is transgender, just that she keep all of the commandments as a sister in the church.

There’s also a followup podcast at the Mormon Mental Health Association website.

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2 thoughts on “TransMormon Video

  1. adroonie on said:

    I hope this comes full circle cause im totally attracted to transgender and am strong lds

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