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Another Documented Case of Approved LDS Sex Change

Over at the By Common Consent blog there is a recent article talking about a sealing that was performed in a temple between a woman of transsexual history and a man. The sealing was approved (and performed) by someone at the general authority level (possibly a Seventy). Here is an excerpt from that blog entry:

In the late 1970s, while serving as an Elders Quorum president, I witnessed what may have been the only same-sex wedding (same-sex in the sense that both partners had Y-chromosomes) ever to be performed in a Latter-day Saint temple. A year earlier, a woman who had undergone transsexual surgery was baptized in our ward. Leaders in the mission and the ward were fully aware of her status—indeed, the baptism recommend (which the bishop later showed me, since the subsequent wedding involved a member of my quorum) bore the words, “She is a transsexual.” Several months later an elder moved into the ward, the two of them fell in love, and they announced their engagement. They expressed to the bishop a desire to be married in the temple, and after he and the stake president interviewed the couple, the stake president wrote a detailed letter to the General Authority who supervised that area of the country, explicitly stating that the bride-to-be had undergone transsexual surgery.
A short time later, that General Authority wrote back to the stake president, authorizing their temple marriage. (The bishop also allowed me to see that letter.) My wife and I were invited to attend the wedding, and when we got there we were surprised to see that the ceremony was performed by the same General Authority who wrote the letter.

Very interesting case. It should be noted that the admin behind the LDS Gender blog believes the sealing to not be a same-sex one but a sealing between a man and a woman, with the woman involved unfortunately having a body at the beginning of her mortal life that improperly conveyed that she was eternally a female. Also worthy of note is that it doesn’t clarify if the transsexual woman in the story was truly shown to have a Y-chromosome or if it was just assumed that she did. It has been shown elsewhere that people can have an XX DNA karyotype but appear outwardly to be male. Further, and along those same lines, nobody really knows if a person’s DNA is truly an indicator of what their gender is. The more science learns on this topic the more it gets confused, and modern-day revelation has never stated DNA to be the final determinant of someone’s gender.

(NOTE: The temple sealing mentioned here has not been substantiated, but at LDS Gender we take in and review all pertinent potential information on our topic as we await further light and knowledge.)

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