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Important Update on Another Documented Case of Approved LDS Sex Change

To follow up on Another Documented Case of Approved LDS Sex Change, the person who is the subject of that article left a comment which further elucidates what actually happened. Here is the comment, re-posted with permission and with minor edits for clarity:

“As the person involved in the above: when I joined the church I was forbidden to go to the Temple. On reading Alma 11:43-44 I was shocked; I wanted to stay female for eternity. I prayed fervently and tearfully for many many weeks before I “felt the answer” I needed to ask. Prayerfully I wrote a letter to my Bishop asking about my eternal status and others with gender or physical abnormalities. I also requested my Patriarch[al] blessing. The letter ended up with President Kimball. During my Blessing I was told, among other things, that the Lord wanted me to be a savior for my ancestors, and [that] I would [go] to the Temple and receive my endowment. About 3 months later my Bishop called me into his office and read a section [from] a letter from [the] First Presidency via Elder Hugh W. Pinnock that I was granted full Temple [rights] as a woman. During Stake Conference I met with Elder Pinnock. He asked me several personal questions [pertaining to] the possibility of future marriage. He also stated that President Kimball had received revelation in my specific case. And that when he checked the [term] ‘transsexual woman’ had been changed to ‘woman’ on a sealed record. I met my husband-to-be while working on assignment in Connecticut, and was led to the chapel by the Holy Ghost. My husband-to-be was waiting. We were married in the Washington DC Temple in 1980 by Elder Hugh W. Pinnock. As we were [going] from the Celestial room to the sealing room we met my Patriarch who shook our hands and told me some blessings (marriage) were given and not spoken.

“We are still married today. The Lord has been with me through my life, alerted me to stomach cancer and other maladies. I know I am his spirit daughter and this life experience was to make me stronger. It seems also that all transsexuals have a brain opposite to our biological sex. I also may have had some internal female organs that were removed on the [pretext] of removing my appendix. Shortly thereafter I became chronically sick; diarrhea and vomiting lasted for over 23 years until I started taking estrogen at age 33. I was always feminine in behavior and changed roles at work [while] keeping the same job position. The only comments from co-workers being, “What took you so long?” The 5 woman friends who I have told in my present Ward consider me a girly girl.

“I know the church to be true and when I wrote to my Bishop I knew it would end up with President Kimball. I believe trusting in the Lord and his servants gave the blessing in my life. I recently wrote to President Monson as he is the last surviving member who was in the quorum when I sent my original letter to President Kimball.”

It seems like things were handled sensibly in her case, with the prophet and a member of the Seventy allowing themselves to be open to revelation on the matter. One wonders why people in the same situation nowadays are met with such a different reaction.

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