LDS Gender

For those seeking understanding of gender identity issues from an LDS perspective


The purpose of this website will be to provide information regarding transsexual, transgender and intersex issues as they affect members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These are clearly sensitive subjects and we will seek not to sensationalize them, but ignoring them may also be hazardous. This site will not advocate one clear cut path for people affected by this issue to follow, but will strive to gather together in one place all the information we have now, and we hope it will be seen as a level-headed resource for members dealing with this issue, members not dealing with this issue but desiring to understand it, and church leaders.

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  1. Dakota on said:

    I was an active LDS transsexual for years. It is true that on a local level some leaders will accept you. However, I have found for myself that barriers exists for example those who can not “pass” or those who transition within the ward where they are known. If a person does “Pass” there are still some serious barriers that limit membership. One being the presidency will refuse to change name and gender on records because to do so conflicts with their stand that gender is as you are born physically and that is the end of the story for them.

    I was accepted on many levels but while I was able to enjoy many things of membership, I was barred from the temple and even told that I could not help other transsexuals. You read that right, I was forbidden from helping others like myself and told to never speak of my past. I was told to be silent. The only people who knew of my past were my Stake President and Bishop. Will all the walls for us one day come down within the church? I really doubt it. As a result of being restricted from helping others, I in all good conscience left the church far behind. I’m very much at peace with my decision.

    If a person does not “Pass” the road within the church is that much harder. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of which I learned on my journey while being an active LDS member.

  2. Josephine on said:

    I have gone to church a few times after the SRS. I read some things that are pro transsexual but more agent when it comes to transwomen in the LDS church. I fear if I as a transwomen keep going to church I’m placing myself in a situation to get hurt.

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