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For those seeking understanding of gender identity issues from an LDS perspective

Resources and Links

Spontaneous Human Chimeras, Homosexuality, & Transgender: A Causal Link – This article needs a little editorial help and is somewhat rough-hewn but shows how instances of chimerism may indeed be creating very real experiences of gender confusion in certain individuals

Transsexual gene link identified – “Australian researchers have identified a significant link between a gene involved in testosterone action and male-to-female transsexualism.”

TransActive – Advocates the support of and non-pathologization of transgendered children; “It is vitally important to recognize that any guidance or advice that leads to disregarding, discouraging or disrespecting how a child experiences or expresses their own gender identity is potentially extremely damaging to that child’s overall well-being.”

‘I Am Jazz’: My Intimate Conversation with Trans Tween Jazz & Her Mother Jeanette – Profiles a young girl who was born with a male body but has persisted in living authentically as a female

Led by the child who simply knew – “The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.”

Anderson Cooper Features Transgender Youth And Families On ‘Anderson’ Talk Show – “Anderson Cooper is set to discuss the social and emotional issues faced by both transgender children and their parents on today’s installment of his daytime talk show…”

Transsexual differences caught on brain scan – “Differences in the brain’s white matter that clash with a person’s genetic sex may hold the key to identifying transsexual people before puberty. Doctors could use this information to make a case for delaying puberty to improve the success of a sex change later….”

Transgender issues, Christianity, Culture and Married Life – Personal blog by Christian Taylor and his wife Brynn Taylor. “My message to the trans community is this: no matter what your situation you can learn to love who you are through Jesus Christ.”

Repercussions of gender nonconformity – “Children in the U.S. whose activity choices, interests, and pretend play before age 11 fall outside those typically expressed by their biological sex face increased risk of being physically, psychologically, and sexually abused, and of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by early adulthood…”

New Research Casts Doubt on Surgery for Infants Born with Male and Female Traits – “Gender, often said to depend solely upon anatomy or hormones, may depend also on hard-wired genetics, according to new research that could help doctors and lawyers better understand the one in 4,000 babies born with both male and female traits…. ‘The biology of gender is far more complicated than XX or XY chromosomes and may rely more on the brain’s very early development than we ever imagined,’ researcher Eric Vilain, M.D., reported today at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.”

Intersexes in Humans: An Introductory Exploration by Duane E. Jeffery – This is from Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Volume 12, Number 3, Fall 1979

Brain gene makes a female develop as a male – “Australian scientists have discovered that changes to a gene involved in brain development can lead to testis formation and male genitalia in an otherwise female embryo.”

Results of transsexual brain studies

Regional Grey Matter Structure Differences between Transsexuals and Healthy Controls-A Voxel Based Morphometry Study

15 studies showing a biological origin of gender dysphoria

Atypical Gender Development (PDF)

Darkness & Light Blog

The Transgender Brain

Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain? – “Imaging studies and other research suggest that there is a biological basis for transgender identity”

One thought on “Resources and Links

  1. James L. Hopkins, MD on said:

    I think the site would benefit from studies relating transsexualism to hormone disruptor exposure in utero. Over 1500 compounds have been identified that can disrupt the process of sexual differentiation and affect sexual behavior in wildlife and laboratory animals that share the same signaling compounds and receptor sites that we as humans have. Testosterone, estrogen, LH, FSH, and their receptors, go back a long way on the evolutionary tree.

    In humans, DES or diethylstilbesterol, has been extensively studied as a potent hormone disruptor. It was used widely from the mid-1940s to the mid-1970s to treat premature labor. It was available without prescription in with prenatal vitamins and was commonly recommended by scholarly obstetricians who believed the studies of the Harvard physicians who developed the compound. Among the male children of women who took DES while pregnant, 25% were found to be transsexual, transvestite, or gay.

    DDT is another potent hormone disruptor that was also widely used from the 1940s to the 1970. In Thailand it was used to control malaria until 1997. DDT persists in the environment for decades and can still be found in animals and in soil where it was used extensively.

    Lead and other heavy metals is another important hormone disruptor. The use of leaded gasoline raised ocean water, arctic ice, glacier snow, soil, and human serum concentrations of lead to high levels in the 1970s when leaded gasoline was finally banned. Lead exposure leaded paints and ceramics remains a critical problem. Lead pipes were used to transport drinking water in ancient Athens, Rome, Italy, and medieval France and England. Germanic peoples generally used wooden pipes to transport drinking water. Lead is commonly associated with silver in the earth, so many cultures throughout history that mined for silver were often exposed to lead also.

    Today, PCBs from plastics, many herbicides and pesticides, dioxins, and other compounds have been identified as hormone disruptors that may not only cause transgender conditions but also endometriosis, autism, and cancer.

    I have many references to substantiate these findings. I think that those of us who have transgender conditions ought to be at the forefront of efforts to rid our environment of hormone disruptors and find ways of minimizing our exposure to them especially for the sake our descendancy.

    Sincerely, Jim

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